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Untitled-1You’ve Watched THE SHOW –  Virtual Tarot with Ava and Trudy. Maybe it’s time for a personal reading with the tarot twins you’ve come to love?  If you need to make a change, need a little more information or a total life reboot, count on the magic and the age old wisdom of the Tarot. Ready To Order Your Personal Reading? Here’s What You Can Expect.  


PURCHASE NOW! Click here for step-by-step purchase instructions. FOR THE MONTHS OF OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER ONLY! OUR MOST POPULAR IN-DEPTH READINGS FOR LESS! Now is the time to prepare for your most successful 2015. You get your most important, in-depth questions answered by Ava or Trudy. Specify your favorite! Forewarned is forearmed! Please take a moment to read our terms of sale.

“BURNING QUESTION” READING (REG. $70) $50 DONATION This reading answers that one important question that you must know the answer to. One question limit.

“LIFPATH” READING (REG $90) $70 DONATION  Exploration of your life’s true meaning and purpose. When you need help figuring out where you are going and what you should be doing with your life in general. 3 question limit.

“DEEP MEANING” LOVE READING (REG. $146)  $86 DONATION  Relationship, family, love, health issues.  In depth multiple questions answered.This is an in depth look into those personal issues that are of deep meaning and concern to you. 3 question limit.

EMERGENCY READING! $129 DONATION Delivered within 24 hours of your request. When you cannot wait to find answers, this reading puts you AT THE HEAD OF THE LINE!  3 question limit.

“DOWN TO BUSINESS” READING $120 DONATION General business and financial consultation, including new project or contract issues.This reading answers the questions of who can I trust? And, what will the outcome be? 4 question limit.

NEW! YEAR LONG FORECAST! $170 DONATION A 12-card spread with one card for every month. You choose the month you want to start with. A wonderful birthday gift to yourself or to gift to a friend.  

BEST VALUE “BURNING QUESTION” READING 5-PACK $210 DONATION This package allows you to ask up to 4 important questions that you must know the answer to. Use your  4 questions all at once or over the course of 30 day period.

“NEW BEGINNINGS” READING $110 DONATION Moving to a new location or starting a new job? Find out what you can expect! This is a custom reading that details various aspects of a change of job, career, or physical location. 3 question limit.

LOVE OFFERING! SHOW AVA AND TRUDY SOME LOVE! DONATE NOW! When you want to offer financial support. Make a one-time donation or make it monthly! Include your name and whether or not you would like a “shout out” during our next monthly video readings.  Your donation helps Virtual Tarot keep the monthly tarot scopes coming!  Suggested donation of $10, $25 or $50 USD

  All Tarot Readings Delivered As Audio MP3 Files Via Email.File-MP3


See what people are saying about Ava and Trudy, The Virtual Tarot Show and their personal and up-close readings!

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 10.33.35 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 10.35.56 PMALL PAYMENTS ARE SECURED BY PAYPAL. Your privacy is of the utmost concern and is honored at all times.



In consideration of the risk of injury from participating in a tarot psychic reading or in listening to any advice given and in consideration for the right to participate in the pyschic tarot readings, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, or personal representatives, knowingly and voluntarily enter into this waiver and release of liability and hereby waive any and all rights, claims or causes of action of any kind whatsoever arising oout my participation in the psychic tarot readings, and do hereby release and forever discharge Ava And Trudys’ Virtual Tarot, their affiliates, managers, members, agents, attorneys, staff, volunteers, representatives, predecessors, successors and assigns, for any physical or psychological damage or injury, including but limited to illness, paralysis, death, economical or emotional loss, that I may suffer as a direct result of my participation in the aforementioned psychic tarot readings.
I am voluntarily participating in the psychic tarot readings entirely at my own risk. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ava and Trudy Virtual Tarot against any claim, suits or actions of any kind whatsoever for liability, damages. compensation or otherwise brought by me or anyone on my behalf, including attorney’s fees and any related costs, if litigation arises pursuant to any clam made by me or by anyone else acting on my behalf. If Ava and Trudy Virtual Tarot incurs any of these type of expenses, I agree to reimburse Ava and Trudy Virtual Tarot.



47 thoughts on “PURCHASE a Reading!

  1. Certainly when you are ready just make your payment and I will do an audio file of your reading and send that to your email as soon as it’s done. I will be busy this weekend filming Virtual Tarot show but I am sure by Monday I will be free.

    • Hi Ava and Trudy! I love your tarot reading videos on youtube! They are really insightful! I’d love to help you market you brand across social media. I work for Social Ally and we help monitor and bring in hot leads in real time! We’ve designed a platform that helps you manage all of your facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, google plus, youtube, etc. accounts without logging into them individually! You can set up auto responders at different times of the day or using specific key terms, design an automatic calendar schedule of status updates on multiple social media channels, create reports to determine best times to post and interact with the public. Visit our webpage http://www.socialallyusa.com for user friendly screen shots. I’d love to do business with you!

      ~Orly Pena
      email: orlynpena@gmail.com

  2. As I said before I will not be able to use PayPal until Monday. I will see if I still need advise at that time I suppose.

    Much Love Then, There, Here and Now😎✌

  3. Would really like to have a reading. Things are not good. I’m not sure what to do anymore. He took the house and is trying to get the boys, I don’t make enough to pay for a reading. On top of that Naji want talk to me. I feel so lonely, trying to smile. I was hoping at least Naji would be a friend if nothing else, so I wouldn’t be alone. Would really like to hear some good news.

  4. I live in Canada and am trying to purchase a reading however system unable to process the transaction as it is asking for the province yet i am unable to enter it

  5. I’m interested in finding out whether a relationship with a man I’ve been with for over one year has any future. His first name begins with T. I am a Taurus, 4/21. He is an Aires 4/13.

  6. Scary, how accurate…I have followed since Dec.
    I can’t find FEB 2014 GEMINI?!

    Thanks for your gift Girls!!

    All the best,

  7. I just came across your videos on you tube and I cant believe how accurate you guys were. I really enjoyed watching the videos you made I even went back to the older videos to here my readings and again u guys were on point about my life. I absolutely will be getting a private reading!!!!!

    • Hi Leah

      Thank you for your inquiry but we do not do phone readings. instead we create an audio file of your reading that we then send to you via email. If you choose to have a reading from us then your first step is to pick a reading that seems to meet your needs from our menu of reading available on this site, virtualtarot.wordpress.com. After that you go to avatrudy@yahoo.com to submit your question or questions. We then create a personal reading for you and record to an audio file and send it to you.


  8. Trudy,

    Hope you will do my reading. I am wondering if my relationship with my boyfriend of two years is over or we are just taking a break? Does he still love me or has he already moved on and involved with someone else?

  9. Hi Ava and Trudy.
    I was wondering how the tarot card reading works if we are not together at the same time? I’ve had readings before but I always had some physical contact with the cards. Either I’ve touched the deck or split the deck just before the reading.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Tammy

      The way it works is that you would simply make your reading selection pay for the reading then go to avatrudy@yahoo.com and submit your question. Then I meditate on your question and your name I shuffle the cards and create the reading. There is no need for contact because the work is done in spirit. Abolute trust in spirt is all that is required.

  10. hi! i really need help. im 22 yrs old & im a sagittarius in love with a scorpio. my friend was reading my horoscope to me today & i just out of the blue went to you and found yall & we watched your videos on my sign & his sign, virgo. his was dead on & my was DEAD ON! i really believe God gave yall a gift. i know it says $70.00 & im going to come up with that as soon as possible but im in the process of trying to get my first apartment, but i just wanted to go ahead and type this out while it was on my heart. when my friend left i watched the scorpio video, because ive been in love with a scorpio & with a scorpio since 2012 & my heart really beats for him & i cant imagine my life with anyone else nor do i want to.. but i feel like in the reading of my sign was about him somewhat and of course my family but my family situation is getting better and ican tell once i get my own place and out on my own i will grow more and it will also help me and my family get closer.. but im really torn about Danny, the guy i love. we are at crossbridges right now .. we were just speaking and doing fine but we are at odds again and i feel like i give him everything and try with him and i feel like he loves me very much but we clash but in my heart i feel like he is the one, BUTTTT then again im getting confused and over whelmed veryyyyyy much with this. im ready to focus on me, but im still very sad and typing this brings me to tears because i feel like my heart is saying he wants and needs something more than me. – yall said in the scorpio reading which im ot sure if it was strictly for females or not but it said someone responds to him immaturely and i feel likei have thrown my hands in the air because i feel like i am the mature one or thought i have been but he has my heart so much that when he seems un sure or gives me mixed signals or makes me feel less than i am infront of people sometimes it does anger me because idont understand it but i feel like his heart feels the same way about me that we really d o love each other alot. im just really confused and trust me im not a disrespectful person to ask without paying but i just had to type this out and hope u remember me when i come back… who knows maybe ill have figured it out but i kinda feel like i doubt it because we coming back to each other and it seems like we grow and we keep growing but we also keep spliting up .. and yesi want to put it behind me and move on but i love him so much and i just dont know what to do anymore. i dont know if i should know in my heart its over when my heart tells me thats my lover and always will be and every other guy just makes me sick and i feel like doesnt understand me and he can be super sweet to me and then other times he starts to push me a way or doesnt want to try.. example of this last time .. he brought my guy friend into something WE were going through.. well he played an old voicemail from me infront of one of my friends and i could tell he got embarrassed when a similiar situation came on steve harvey show right after the incident infront of my friend he played the voicemail infront of (which was a long time guy friend that i have nothing for and he knows that) but i could see it on his face he felt bad after seeing the same thing o nthe steve harvey show pretty much happen.. like what they were talking about on the show spoke to him .. anways so i let it go but then we all got in the car and i know this all sounds so childish but this is how it was .. it was like he kept doing things trying to get me mad to get me to be the bad guy because he just couldnt let it go… and he tries to put the blame on me whenever he does something ao he takes the blame off him which i think is stupid and as we got cloer to my house i just had to tell him to take me home because i was really emotional and been going through alot with my mother and i just felt like going in my room and crying and i didnt want to make him feel bad but i was in tears and he kinda looks at me like “omgosh pssshhhh ur crying, what a weak emotion” but in my heart i dont want to think that way of him because he also shows that he loves me and its just all confusing…. i want to show him love but its hard to give him my heart completely when i did and we were getting along fine and now he’s back to the same bs way of acting. like no emotions… we were laughing and being truthful with each other and expressing our feelings better & now i feel like thats no where to be found. thank u for letting me get this off my chest with whatfeels like a non judgemental place… i feel like yall are really helping alot of people & somehow are really good at this- i believe through Jesus Christ – sorry about my rambling & thank u again for just doing yalls videos & God Bless yall… much love, Jessica.

    • We all need a place where we can express our pain and where we feel we will be accepted. If in the future you need a reading we will be happy to help.

  11. Hello ladies, 🙂
    I just wanted to tell you two how much I enjoy your readings and videos. You two remind me of….me & my bestfriend. We also have a love for astrology, tarot and anything spiritual/metaphysical. Anyway, I wanted to let you ladies know how *spot on* you have been for me for the past several months. I’ve been going through a major transition in my life where is comes to love ( yes, good ol’ love relationships) The other day I re-viewed all your videos for ★ Cancer★ since Sept 2013…..and BOY OH BOY! did they speak to me. All the cards and interpretations were SPOT ON! I love how you ladies give a few different scenario for each card meaning. Ultimately at the end of the reading…we two lovely ladies nail it everytime.. I just got done watching March & April 2014 videos…….looks like things will be improving and the thing is….slowly but surely things are. I’m still a little sad by my disappointing ‘big blow out!!’ romantic realationship that ended in Feb 2014…….but I’ll make it through.
    Thanks Ladies. Spirit has really been talking loud and clear.
    Many Blessings.
    Ms. Cancer ( 7/3/68)

  12. A sincere thanks and a great BIG HUG from ARIES woman with VIRGO rising! I am continued to be amazed by you 2 lovely ladies! each month your youtube readings seem to be exactly spot on, where i’m currently at, where I’ve been and where I’m headed….both personally and professionally. I monthly readings with my spiritual advisor are basically verbatim with your youtube casts. Please know that the both of you continue to give me strength and hope. To answer your question about the feeling of change in the air both personally and professionally…yes I do! I’m also on the short list of an amazing career opportunity! Hopefully my Taurus with Capricorn rising from my past will sort things out and return again once and for all…calm waters are just a short paddle away!

    God bless you both for all your wonderful energy and clarity!

    Much Love,


  13. Hi there I have question about 1 person in my life we are split up now can you still do a reading?


    • Hi Suzan

      To get a reading please go to the reading menu page on this site virtualtaro.wordpress.com simply choose a reading then use the donation button on the left hand sidebar on the front page to pay for your reading. We use avatrudy@yahoo.com to conduct all our reading correspondence. Go to this email to submit your reading. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  14. Hi Ava,

    I purchased a reading and emailed my question to you. Hope you can get back to me soon. Thank you very much.

  15. Dear Lovely Ladies,
    I have been watching since the beginning of the year, and go back to the readings often. Thank you for taking the time and sharing your gift with all of us. You helped me several times especially in April! I tell all of my friends to tune in, and they are all fans also. My friend did get a reading, and it was very accurate, and it has helped her start her business. I know at some point I will be contacting you also. Love all the “Hollywood” you put into your fun videos. It reminds us all that the only reason we are here is to experience joy and to lighten up and laugh. Thanks for putting your all into your passion. We are all better off because you have chosen to truly show up in your life.This shines through in your readings.
    Pisces Princess

    • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Trudy and I love to do the reading and we so appreciate your support. Hope to hear from you again soon.

  16. Trying to purchase a Down to Business reading and the link to the payment of $95 reads $90 instead. Please advise and I am looking forward to my reading.

    • Hi Linda
      Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We will honor the $90.00 reading if you would like to make the purchase. Our Geek GoddessTrudy said she would fix it later. Please make the purchase then go to avatrudy@yahoo.com and submit whatever questions or description of the situation that is as clear as possible.
      Thank you

  17. Hi … I have tried to leave you an message of appreciation on You tune for you service, however they keep insisting I set up a Google Plus account …

    Your fore have proved quite accurate in the tone for the month, so do please accept this note of appreciation for your work …

  18. Sagittarius with Sag rising has been watching you since nearly the beginning……..lovely to see how you have evolved and indeed keep evolving! Giving little names to certain cards (the Brad Pitt card or the Mussolini card) helps to really to see the people/situations they represent. Many thanks for sharing your gift…………and PS I can find August Sagittarius no where….YouTube indicates “removed by user”? ? ? Most strange.

    • Thank you for your loyal viewership. So nice of you to notice our progression. We are still working on the video you mentioned. It needs to be tweeked.

  19. HI AVA and TRUDY just wanted to let you know I’m virgo scorpio riseing and sagitarius moon I follow scorpio and virgo mostly and when I’m feeling like I can handle a Sagittarius view I check it out as well. Lol. ..anyways your readings are dead on always ….It’s interesting how it’s been playing out its a spiritual journey for myself glad you can be a part of it. Can we all say I AM …..also I LOve being virgo but it’s been hard and demanding at home and work as well but there has also been victories too.there is Something of major importance that is going to happen soon for me feels like it’s Destiny that’s going to be calling its so very different and feels like it’s important in my life for sure I bet there are. Some other august virgos who feel it too …I .can’t wait to get a personal reading from you both I can just feel the feminine devine oozing from you both . I just love it ….I wish everyone could get in touch with there sacred femininity.. , love to all the Goddesses out there from :)courtney

  20. My prayers are being sent for Trudys full recovery.
    In 2014 I had an episode of pneumonia and a miracle was what saved me; am sending you a
    wish for a miracle.

    Your friendship and love reach out to us- your devoted fans. We hold you in our hearts and are so
    thankful that you are in this world.

    Please relax and take a break. You both deserve
    a hiatus, Ava and Trudy. Everyone understands.

    As ever,


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